Aside from my love of performing for kids, I enjoy creating new routines, effects, products, and marketing tools to use in my own business.  Below, you’ll find some of my favorites.  Feel free to browse and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Happy Magic! – Kevin (aka Presto!)


Jumping Magic Wand Resell Kit License!

The jumping/rising magic wand is an excellent BOR (Back-of-Room) sales item! It’s easy for kids to do, can be sold at everything from libraries to PTA family nights to birthday parties! It makes a great giveaway item for volunteers and a great gift for the birthday child. Sell your own wand kits and MAKE MONEY!  Includes all artwork, graphic, Photoshop files, plus a success guide!

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Rising/Jumping Magic Wands!

The jumping/rising magic wand is an excellent BOR (Back-of-Room) sales item!  These wands (sold in bulk) include instructions and packaging, all for a great price! – FREE SHIPPING!

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Presto’s Instant Author Magic Booklet – LICENSE

Are you a family entertainer? Do you perform at schools, libraries, scout events, birthday parties, fairs/festivals, and other public shows? Now you can offer your own magic booklet for sale after your shows, adding hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year to your income!


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Presto’s Cool Magic Tricks You Can Do (booklet only)

This is a sample of the booklet you can create with my Instant Author Magic Tricks Booklet .  This product is sold as a sample only, for those considering the purchase of the instant author kit.  You’ll receive the magic booklet, plus the trick pack.  This lets you see the product before purchasing it!




Presto’s Super-Silly Sponge Ball Routine

“This routine is great for kids ages 4-7.  It’s my go-to opener because it gets the kids laughing their heads off, right off the bat!  This routine really does have it all!  It’s visual, it’s funny, it’s loaded with interaction…plus, it’s easy to learn, fun to perform, and very memorable.  Kids will remember you for this routine…it’s the one they always want to see again and again.”

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Presto’s Tricky Microphone

Presto’s Tricky Microphone is a comedy stage prop perfect for clowns, MCs, Magicians, and other kid’s entertainers. Kids go nuts as you chase down the microphone head, re-attach it to the handle and shake it up and down to show that it is indeed fixed.  Of course, as soon as you ask another question, the head goes flying off again!   This can be repeated as often as the performer wishes throughout the show.

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